Video Production

These first two videos are product introductions I produced for  As the product marketing manager I lead the direction of all elements.  I hired the writer, voice actor and animator and guided the entire production.


This is essentially the same video as the first with a slight change in market segmentation to hit school administrators rather than parent leaders.


This video was one that I did all on my own before I had a budget to hire a production team.  To achieve the animation I purchased a template from and then edited it to meet my needs.  I did all the audio and copywriting as well.


This is a screen cast I made to present one of Schooltree’s features.  I also used videohive to find a template for the intro bumper which I edited and added sound to.


This is a video I edited for The Elevation Band.  Audio quality sucks but for a club gig I’m pretty happy with the video.


This is a video I edited for a non-profit.  All the video was shot with iPhones but it won them a $100,000.00 grant so it did the trick.  I shot the video, did all the audio/video editing and keyframing animation as well.


I shot this video using 3 iPhones and had to mix the audio from all three to get somewhat of a balance.  Nothing mind blowing but it’s great what you can do with phones these days.